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Axien Security Ltd only employs vocationally qualified personnel who attained their experience with one of the following units:

  • UK Royal Military Police (Close Protection Unit)
  • UK Civilian Police Protection Units – Royalty and Special Branch Protection
  • UK Special Forces

To meet your needs, we can provide high-calibre male and female operatives to protect you, your people or your assets. We make no apologies for our elitism. Like our clients, we take comfort in the knowledge that our security operatives are the best in the business. The members of our high-calibre workforce are professional, discreet and UK-government vetted.

Our expertise covers close protection, the law, managing daily conflict and working with high-profile clients (including royal families, government officials and delegations and sports teams). Our approach to rigorous personnel selection is a winning formula with our clients.

Axien's physical-protection services include:

  • Close Protection
  • Corporate Executive Protection
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Family/child Protection
  • Middle Eastern foreign students studying within the UK
  • Media protection deploying into hostile environments
  • Event Security
  • Infrastructure Protection or Residential Security Team
  • Sports Team / Delegation Security


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